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Music as a Complementary Therapy in Cancer

Music as a Complementary Therapy in Cancer Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC The C word.  Cancer.  It’s a word that none of us want to hear, especially if it involves a diagnosis of one’s self or loved ones.  It can be a very long battle and the treatment options (especially chemotherapy regimens) can be brutal.  During… Read More ›

Music Therapy is for the….Dogs???

Dogs Can Use Music Therapy Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC   More and more experts including music therapists, veterinarians and animal behaviorists, say “yes,” music therapy is beneficial to animals Several studies over the years demonstrate that animals of varying species most definitely can and do experience stress and agitation.  This comes as no… Read More ›


Music for a Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy with Music Kristin Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC For most pregnant women, pregnancy is an exciting time filled with the anticipation of the upcoming delivery and holding their bundle of joy for the first time. The bond between a mother and her baby is both literal and figurative during pregnancy. It is essential that a… Read More ›


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