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Music Theory Defined

Music Theory provides a practical  discipline to study the methods and concepts used to create music.

I love Paris

Enjoy Paris with Daniel Kobialka and Lilly B. Gardner

Buy the Album Paris In the event you missed this video previously take a few minutes and listen to a relaxing track from Lisem Enterprises  album, Livin’ and Lovin’ with Cole Porter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9tRvvG4p8k Happy Listening   Buy it now

The Psychology of Music Preferences

The Psychology of Musical Preferences Do you believe that a peek into your music collection will provide clues as to your character? Do your musical preferences reveal inner thoughts and feelings?  Do you use music to manipulate your emotional states?  Not surprisingly, there are two distinctly different opinions on the subject. The first is that… Read More ›


Melody In the previous article, rhythm, melody, harmony and dynamics were identified as making up the material essence of music (1,2).  It was also noted that rhythm is probably the most instinctive or “primitive” element as it is the one component of music that is felt instead of heard.  Melody, on the other hand, is… Read More ›


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