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Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques Most dictionaries simply define meditation as a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a pattern of subjective functioning, either to realize some benefit (1) or as an end in itself (2). Given the number of available meditation styles and techniques, anyone contemplating perusing meditation is advised to take time… Read More ›

Music and the Development of the Humanistic Conscience

Role of Music in the Development of the Humanistic Consciousness Lilly B. Gardner D.P.A and Daniel Kobialka, D.M.A. Music expresses, in some way, the movement of the feelings that cling to the unconscious-processes… music represents the movement, development, and transformation of the motifs of the collective unconscious (Jung, 1973, p. 542 in Skar, 2002, p.632). Over… Read More ›