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Music Theory Defined

Music Theory provides a practical  discipline to study the methods and concepts used to create music.

Modern Forms of Instrumental Music

Virtually all types of music forms are being written today.  Technology continues to play an important role in the development of 21st century music.   Composers use recording tapes as a compositional tool.   Electronically generated sounds are used both on their own and in combination with traditional instruments.  Some are manipulating the performance of instruments in real time.

The Psychology of Music Preferences

The Psychology of Musical Preferences Do you believe that a peek into your music collection will provide clues as to your character? Do your musical preferences reveal inner thoughts and feelings?  Do you use music to manipulate your emotional states?  Not surprisingly, there are two distinctly different opinions on the subject. The first is that… Read More ›

The textural harmonies and singing melodies of each of these songs provides an opportunity for the listener to reach deeply into their personal experiences while on their pathless journeys.


he Music Catalog at Yale lists over 70 musical forms in its basic glossary of musical terms (1).


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