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Concertos Described

Origin of the Term Concerto What does the term “Concerto” mean?  How would you describe one?  What is it about them that make them fun to listen to? In earlier times the term “concerto” was “concert” in Italian.  Use of the term described works that involved voices and instruments in which the instruments had independent… Read More ›

children and classical music

The Importance of Introducing Classical Music to Children

Developing a Child’s Love for Classical Music In the Novenber 19, 2012 issue of the New York edition of the New York Times, an email written by Mr. Les Dreyer was reprinted under the headline:  Invitation to a Dialogue:  Saving Classical Music. Mr. Dreyer, a retired violinist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, expressed his concern… Read More ›

dress codes

Music Industry Dress Codes

As competition among the musical groups increased so did need to develop an image and to separate themselves for the generation that preceded it (Rock Fashion History, Makofsky).


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