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Music as a Complementary Therapy in Cancer

Music as a Complementary Therapy in Cancer Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC The C word.  Cancer.  It’s a word that none of us want to hear, especially if it involves a diagnosis of one’s self or loved ones.  It can be a very long battle and the treatment options (especially chemotherapy regimens) can be brutal.  During… Read More ›

Lullabies for Children of All Ages

Lullabies for Children of All Ages This post, Lullabies for Children of All Ages, is truly a great post created by one of the most highly recognized Music Therapists along with one of the finest violinists in the country.   Listen to Dr. Kobialka‘s super rendition of When You wish Upon a Star as you read.  I hope you… Read More ›


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