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A Tribute to Alfred Tomatis and Helen Bonny Two Great Pioneers of Music Therapy

4 and 440Hz in Music

An Opinionated Guide to Building a Classical Music Library

Big Band Sounds

Celtic Influences in Song Structure


Christmas Folk Carols

Civil War Music Reflects the Time

Classical Music Period Part 2  Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Periods

Classical Music Period Part 3 Romantic and Modern Periods

Classical Music Periods Part 1

Comparison of Analog and Digital Recordings

Cultivating Emotional Stability Through Meditation

Daniel Kobialka Musician Extraordinary

Defining Types pf Musical Compositions

Do Orchestras Need Conductors?

Effects of Music on Infant and Toddler Development

Enjoy Paris with Daniel Kobialka and Lilly B. Gardner

Exploring the Role of Music During War

Exploring the Role of Percussion Instruments

Fractal Music

Genre Identifies a Song’s Style

Great Jazz Musicians Dorothy Donegan

Greensleeves, a Christmas favorite

Handel’s Messiah


Here’s to Love on Valentine’s Day

How to Make a Vinyl Record

How do Spatial and Surround Sound Work?

Is it a Violin or Fiddle?

It’s All About Pulcinella


Jazz Improvisation

Jewish Holiday Music

Kids Listening to Music

Listening to Music While Driving

Lullabies for Children of All Ages


Meditation Techniques


Military Bugler History

Modern Forms of Instrumental Music

More on Non-Western Music

 Affects Consumer Behavior

Music and Alternative Therapies in Nursing Homes

Music and the Development of the Humanistic Conscience

Music and the Newborn

Music as a Complementary Therapy in Cancer

Music as Therapy in Children with Autism

Music for a Healthier Pregnancy

Music Notes “Just for Fun Quiz”

Music in Psychological Warfare

Music Industry Dress Codes

Musicians’s Health Conditions

Music Therapy is for the Dogs???


Need for Music Staves and Clefs

Never too Late to Play an Instrument

New Age Meditation

Origins of Holiday and Christmas Music

Operas and Musicals

Protest Music: How it Works


Stravinsky’s Road to Minimalism

Stream Daniel Kobialka’s Playlists

The Difference Between First Violins and Second Violins

The Digital Evolution

The Genius or Madness of Alexander Scriabin

The Importance of Introducing Classical Music to Children

The Importance of Music in Films

The Many Mysteries of Music

The Neuroscience of Music

The Piano-String or Percussion Instrument

The Psychology of Music Preferences

Theodore Shaw Wilson (Teddy Wilson)

To Fret or Not to Fret

Vibrato a Musician’s Tool

What are the Differences Between an Opera and a Musical?

What is a Jazz Singer

What is an Orchestra?

What is Audio Streaming

What is it About Music? Tone Color

What is Musical Form?

What is a Musical Audition

What is Top 40?



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