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Opera and Musical Differences

September 4, 2017

Operas and Musicals Given the similarities and differences between an opera and a musical one has to conclude there is a hazy boundary between the two.  Once you think you have a definition for each you find exceptions that make distinctions difficult.  One thing that is clear is that is they come out of the… Read More ›

Big Band Sounds

What is a Big Band Sound? Merriam Webster defines a Big Band as a band that is larger than a combo and that usually features a mixture of ensemble playing and solo improvisation typical of jazz or swing (1). Jazz bands come in all sizes and usually don’t need a conductor.  Small jazz bands or… Read More ›

What is Audio Streaming

Audio Streaming Attempting to understand the technology involved with audio streaming can prove to be a challenge. A share of the problem lies in the use of acronyms to describe particular equipment and procedures. So, it seems the best way to attempt to grasp what is going on is to provide definitions for some of… Read More ›

What is an Orchestra?

Oρχήστρα The word “orchestra” has its roots in the Greek word, ορχήστρα, which defined the section of the stage that was reserved for the Greek chorus (1). It’s history, however, dates back to Ancient Egypt. At that time orchestras consisted of a small groups of musicians gathered for festivals, holidays and funerals. Early images of… Read More ›

Music as Therapy in Children with Autism

The Emotion of Music: the Use of Music in Children with Autism Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC Welcome! In our journey to explore the use of music throughout the lifespan, we have reached childhood. We will be looking at the use of music as therapy in children with special needs, specifically focusing on children… Read More ›


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