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Never too Late to Play an Instrument

November 23, 2019

You’re all grown up but for some reason, never learned to play an instrument.  Don’t give up.  It’s never too late.  Despite the many myths about music and musicians, there seems to be general agreement that anyone can acquire skill to some level of competence.   According to John Powell, everyone is musical.  It’s just a… Read More ›

Musical Criticism

What is Musical Criticism? The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Musical Criticism as a branch of philosophical aesthetics concerned with making judgements about composition or performance or both (1).  It has its beginnings in the eighteenth century when it was designed to provide commentary on “classical music.”   Today music journalists review songs, albums and live concerts, profiles… Read More ›

Music Notes “Just for Fun Quiz”

This Just for Fun Quiz post is intended to provide a bit of levity to our learning efforts.  The quiz questions cover some of the topics reviewed in our posts previously.  The answers are provided below.  Answers are linked to posts for reference. Here’s the link to the form “Music Notes Blog Quiz”: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAN__tm7sqlUNkdBM0xGTlYyUFNWVkNURUs3NDNJRlZVSi4u  … Read More ›

Is it a Violin or Fiddle?

  DIfferences Between a Violin and a Fiddle   Surprisingly, numerous articles have been written about the differences between the violin and the fiddle.  The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians defines “fiddle “as a “generic term for any stringed instrument played with a bow”.. This means it could describe a violin, a Byzantine… Read More ›

opera and musicals

Opera and Musical Differences

Operas and Musicals Given the similarities and differences between an opera and a musical one has to conclude there is a hazy boundary between the two.  Once you think you have a definition for each you find exceptions that make distinctions difficult.  One thing that is clear is that is they come out of the… Read More ›


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