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First Violin and Second Violin Differences

First Violinists and Second Violinists In an orchestra violinists are divided into two sections. Does “playing second” mean the violinist is not good enough to play first violin? Let’s explore their differences. In symphony orchestras there are two sections of violins. The first violin section is always on the conductor’s left. Seating of second violins… Read More ›

Stravinsky’s Road to Minimalism

The Road to Minimalism in Music

Genre Identifies a Song’s Style

What is Genre? Musicians find their marketing efforts are greatly improved if they assign the piece a genre.  So, what is genre? According to vocabulary.com, genre refers to a musical style (not form) (1). The term provides a conventional groping that identifies a song as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions (1). Music… Read More ›

Big Band Sounds

What is a Big Band Sound? Merriam Webster defines a Big Band as a band that is larger than a combo and that usually features a mixture of ensemble playing and solo improvisation typical of jazz or swing (1). Jazz bands come in all sizes and usually don’t need a conductor.  Small jazz bands or… Read More ›

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What is an Orchestra?

Oρχήστρα The word “orchestra” has its roots in the Greek word, ορχήστρα, which defined the section of the stage that was reserved for the Greek chorus (1). It’s history, however, dates back to Ancient Egypt. At that time orchestras consisted of a small groups of musicians gathered for festivals, holidays and funerals. Early images of… Read More ›


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