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The Importance of Violin Bowing

June 15, 2018

What is Violin Bowing Violin bowing is the term used to describe the way in which a musical phrase or passage is to be executed or the signs by which the phrase or passage is usually marked.   Appropriate violin bowing is absolutely necessary if the musical phrase or passage is to be rendered correctly and… Read More ›

SF symphony to set concert pitch

Concert Pitch-A4 and 440Hz in Music

Tuning Up to Concert Pitch You are been seated for the concert. The musicians are assembling and creating a variety of dissonant sounds. All of a sudden everything becomes quiet and the concertmaster (a violinist) approaches the podium and requests the oboe play an A. The woodwinds tune to it. The brass follow suit. After… Read More ›

celtic fantasy song structure

Celtic Influences in Song Structure

Celtic music  Listen to Track 3 from the album Celtic Fantasy as you read the review. Reprint of an AllMusic Review of Daniel Kobialka’s Celtic Fantasy by Larry Belanger “Daniel Kobialka takes his violin techniques, which incorporate a special warmth and subtlety of phrasing and intonation described by Arthur Fiedler, and adds a bit of Celtic structure to create… Read More ›

guitar frets

To Fret or Not to Fret

Guitars have frets but violins, cellos, bass and double bass don’t? They all have strings and a fingerboard. What makes them different? Frets Frets are metal strips embedded along a fret board. They are placed at points dividing the scale length by a specific mathematical formula (2). Standard classical guitars have 19 frets and electric… Read More ›

First Violin and Second Violin Differences

First Violinists and Second Violinists In an orchestra violinists are divided into two sections. Does “playing second” mean the violinist is not good enough to play first violin? Let’s explore their differences. In symphony orchestras there are two sections of violins. The first violin section is always on the conductor’s left. Seating of second violins… Read More ›


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