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Celtic Charm

April 2, 2018

Into Celtic music?  Listen to Track 3 from the album as you read the review. Reprint of an AllMusic Review of Daniel Kobialka’s Celtic Fantasy by Larry Belanger “Daniel Kobialka takes his violin techniques, which incorporate a special warmth and subtlety of phrasing and intonation described by Arthur Fiedler, and adds a bit of Celtic charm to create an… Read More ›

To Fret or Not to Fret

Have you ever wondered why guitars have frets but violins, cellos, bass and double bass don’t? They all have strings and a fingerboard. What makes them different? Guitars The guitar is described as a type of chordophone (one of a class of musical instruments whose sound is generated by plucking, bowing, or striking stretched string)(1)…. Read More ›

The Difference Between First Violins and Second Violins

First Violinists and Second Violinists Why are violins divided into two sections in the orchestra? Does “playing second” mean the violinist is not good enough to play first violin? Let’s explore their differences. In symphony orchestras there are two sections of violins. The first violin section is always on the conductor’s left. Seating of second… Read More ›

What are the Differences Between an Opera and a Musical?

Opera In Western culture, there is nothing quite like an opera. By definition, an “opera is an extended dramatic composition in which all parts are sung to instrumental accompaniment that usuall y includes arias, choruses, and recitations and occasionally ballet (1)” Opera may be comic or grand.  For opera lovers, its extravagance is magical (2)…. Read More ›

Stravinsky’s Road to Minimalism

The Road to Minimalism in Music