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Review of the theoretical elements of music including sound and pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, and notation.

Defining Types of Musical Compositions

March 26, 2020

Links are provided for those interested in an in-depth explanation of a particular type of music

The Piano-String or Percussion Instrument

String or Percussion   Is the piano, an instrument invented about 1700 in Italy, a string or a percussion instrument?  To begin, there is disagreement about the answer.  The following is a review the arguments. Why do People Think The Piano is a String Instrument? By definition a string or stringed instrument creates sound by… Read More ›

Role of Music Orchestration

The term Orchestration is also used by some to identify what instruments will be assigned to play specific parts of a composition.

reading notes

Music and Mathematics

Study of Sound Music and mathematics, can they be classified into the same category?  To make music, you must know how to break “sound” into elements of pitch, rhythm and tempo (1). Science teaches us that sound is vibration, and the frequency of vibration is what makes different sounds. Music then is the study of… Read More ›

Inventions and Fugues

What are They   Inventions and fugues are compositional forms dating back to 16th century.  They are novel compositions that don’t fit established categories.  It is thought that Clement Jandquin first used the term  invention in Premier livre des inventions musicales (1555; “First Book of Musical Inventions”) (1).  Today the terms are associated with Bach and… Read More ›


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