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Lullabies for Children of All Ages

Lullabies for Children of All Ages This post, Lullabies for Children of All Ages, is truly a great post created by one of the most highly recognized Music Therapists along with one of the finest violinists in the country.   Listen to Dr. Kobialka‘s super rendition of When You wish Upon a Star as you read.  I hope you… Read More ›

Music Therapy is for the….Dogs???

Dogs Can Use Music Therapy Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC   More and more experts including music therapists, veterinarians and animal behaviorists, say “yes,” music therapy is beneficial to animals Several studies over the years demonstrate that animals of varying species most definitely can and do experience stress and agitation.  This comes as no… Read More ›

A Tribute to Alfred Tomatis and Helen Bonny— Two Great Pioneers of Music Therapy

Tomatis and Bonny Daniel Kobialka, DMA Alfred Tomatis Alfred Tomatis is recognized as one of the greatest pioneers to work to understand how music can help all humans in a positive way. He received his Doctorate in Medicine from the Paris School of Medicine. His alternative medicine theories of hearing are known as the Tomatis… Read More ›


Mystique After reading all the posts it’s time to take a break to look, hear, and feel the video below.  Share your thoughts about it. The track is from Daniel Kobialka’s Fragrances of a Dream album available at http://www.wonderofsound.com, amazon.com, iTunes and other retailers. http://www.wonderofsound.com

Music and the Development of the Humanistic Conscience

Role of Music in the Development of the Humanistic Consciousness Lilly B. Gardner D.P.A and Daniel Kobialka, D.M.A.   Over the years we have had the opportunity to collaborate with educators, scientists, and Music Therapists who emphasize the need to incorporate teaching and learning strategies that integrate feelings, values and social studies along with knowledge. These… Read More ›


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