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Music’s Role in Autism Spectrum Disorder

September 29, 2019

 Neurodevelopment of autism spectrum disorder Thousands of children in the US have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder with symptoms ranging from mild, such as usually seen with Asperger’s Syndrome, to severe.  This post will be looking at the advances in the use of music as therapy in children with this disorder (ASD). As noted in Webmed, “Autism… Read More ›

The Neuroscience of Music

Music Can Serve as a Neurobiological Tool Science tells us music is one of the most powerful neurobiological tools we have.  As far back as Aristotle, music has been credited with the ability to create a positive influence and to motivate.  It is also credited with the reason we reflect and think rationally (1).  Today… Read More ›

Esoteric History of Music

This essay, Esoteric History of Music Involving or Evolving Mass Consciousness, first appeared in “The Wonders of Sound edited by Daniel Kobialka.  It’s author, JILL MATTSON, has studied and compiled information about ancient traditions that used sound to transform and heal body, mind, and spirit for two decades.   She lectures on the Power of Sound throughout the U.S. teaching… Read More ›

The Many Mysteries of Music

Music’s Power to Adjust and Shift the Collective Consciousness Lilly B. Gardner D.P.A. and Daniel Kobialka , D.M.A. This post deals with Music’s Power and its ability to shift the collective consciousness.         Buy Now “Science needs art because it teaches us how to live with mystery.   Science needs art to frame the… Read More ›

nursing home music therapy

Music Therapies in Nursing Homes

The Benefits of Individual Music Therapy Kristin S. Padilla, RN, BSN, RNC If you’ve worked or visited a nursing home, you’ve most likely witnessed at least one resident exhibiting agitated behavior, ranging from pacing to yelling. This is a fairly common and widespread problem, especially in residents with dementia, usually stemming from anxiety. This anxiety… Read More ›


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