Exploring Music's Complexities

Music Notes Mission

Music Notes from Wonder of Sound, the Lisem Enterprises, Inc blog, is dedicated to assisting individuals interested in becoming more familiar with music’s complexities, and to provide a means to share thoughts and interests on a variety of music related topics. The information presented in the articles, hopefully, will serve to deepen the reader’s enjoyment of music.  References are provided at the end of each post in the event readers would like more detailed information on a particular subject. Your ranking of the posts will also give us an indication of what you like. Access articles by clicking on the Posts category  in the navigation bar above.  To translate posts click the translate button at the bottom of this page.

Help us to fulfill Music Notes Mission by considering to become a member of our circle of music lovers by providing a comment on our title page or on one or more of our blog post categories listed on the navigation bar on this page.  They include discussions related to music theory essentials, the relationship of music, health and wellness, performers, education, and issues that impact music. If something peaks your interest with regard to the sample tracks of music I have provided to illustrate a post,  please return to our website’s Catalog at wonderofsound.com.

Li-Sem Enterprises, Inc. is proud to have this site, our blog, selected as the

2016 Best Muswebaward16logoic Website by the Web Marketing Association.

Lilly B. Gardner

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