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Wonder of Sound Music Notes, the Lisem Enterprises, Inc. blog has as it’s mission assisting individuals interested in becoming more familiar with music’s complexities. It also provides a means to share thoughts and interests on a variety of music related topics.   References are provided at the end of each post in the event readers would like more detailed information on a particular subject. Access articles by clicking on the Posts category  in the navigation bar above.  To translate posts click the translate button at the bottom of this page.

Our web site is at http://www.wonderofsound.com,  Our studio, Studio Wonder of Sound is at http://www.studiowonderofsound.com.  Li-Sem’s catalog contains over thirty albums of neo classic, new age, and jazz selections. Since its founding, LiSem has developed into a full-service independent recording company of both the digital and analog worlds. If you have a need to create, we have the ability to produce custom albums to market your products. Educational outreach centers on LiSem’s music publishing products.

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Help us to fulfill Music Notes Mission by providing a comment on our title page or on one or more of our blog post categories listed on the navigation bar on this page.  Posts discuss music theory essentials, the relationship of music, health and wellness, performers, education, and issues that impact music. If something peaks your interest when listening to the sample tracks of music provided to illustrate a post,  please browse our website’s Catalog at http://www.wonderofsound.com.

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